यूथ यूनाइटेड फॉर विजन एंड एक्शन

Youth United for Vision & Action

Since the dawn of civilizations, youth have played a significant role in determining the course of society. The adage “the youth of today are the future of tomorrow” is well known to all of us. The youth have the power to change the trajectory of history. They are the motivation behind shaping the country for a brighter future. Many groups, NGOs, associations, and institutions have been working continuously to empower the youth for national development, as there has been much spoken and debated about it. But more importantly, are we mentally and emotionally prepared to see changes brought about by young people? Are we willing to hear what the young people have to say? Are we eager to see the world from their perspective? The energy of today’s youth is abundant, but most of it is lost due to a lack of proper channelization.  To catalyse the vitality of the youth and to provide a platform whereby the youth may engage into constructive activism, Youth United for Vision and Action (YUVA) was established in the year 2016. YUVA is a youth based- youth run pedestal upon which the effigy of Academic, Social and Cultural endeavours is carried out. Over time, YUVA has expanded to include all of the major academic institutions in Delhi-NCR, including Jamia Millia Islamia, Ambedkar University, AIIMS, DU, GGSIPU, IIT-D, IIMC, JNU, NLU, NSIT, and others. It now enjoys the support of over 1 lakh students, academics, and professionals who are dedicated to the creation of a civil society with a sense of patriotism. The only requirements for joining YUVA are honesty, commitment, a positive approach, and a desire to make a good difference for both the nation and society. The term YUVA is also interestingly an abbreviation for Youth United for Vision & Action. 

Objectives of YUVA

  1. The primary function of YUVA would be to support young people’s enthusiasm and provide them with a venue for engaging in significant and meaningful activism.
  2. YUVA intends to provide a platform for students to organise, perform and participate in Academic, Cultural, Social and Sports Activities within the Academic Institutions of Delhi.
  3. To give students the chance to participate in learning activities, to lead, and to explore their hobbies and interests with other students while honing their leadership and organising abilities.
  4. To give the Youth a shared forum for conversation and the exchange of ideas.
  5. To redesign the current research environment and implement a comprehensive transformation in the methodology and philosophy of Research.
  6. YUVA would help in Building understanding, making connections, and developing empathy amongst student masses to enhance their ability to interact in a successful manner with the global community.
  7. To encourage individual character development that will result in social awakening
  8. To lay the foundation of Bhartiya education or Gyan that would be based on ancient literature, knowledge and wisdom that has been evolving with a utmost and ultimate sense of sensitivity, creativity and inquisitiveness of seers, saints and sages. 
  9. To restore the deeply embedded indigenous knowledge systems that would provide self-sufficiency in livelihoods.
  10. To re-attain genuine education replacing the bondage of ignorance and sufferings with spontaneity of consciousness, accomplishments and happiness.